sudile LMS
Looking for a learning platform? We suggest you take a look at our sudile LMS. It is easy-to-use and offers various didactical templates for rapid content creation via OpenOffice or MS Word. To see how it works, watch a video or try it out using the student demo account.

Courses can be designed to be more fun and effective with active learning methods. In the Methopedia wiki, we have assembled many learning activities and methods – with the partners of the EU Project COMBLE. To really understand active and collaborative approaches to learning, you have to experience them! We therefore offer special methodological workshops for working with Methopedia.

Learning content
You are looking for learning content for your learning platform or electronic course materials? We have created numerous courses with our authors who also work as course instructors, including course materials, assignments and files. The courses are in SCORM or XHTML format and can be included in your learning management system. You need a trainer as well? Let us know!

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