Learning content

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How are the courses developed?

We co-operate with trainers for the development of our learning content. Each course has already been applied a few times and therefore further upgraded. The layout of the contents has been tested during numerous seminars. As course overview we employ interactive MindMap. Each chapter (called „stations“) contains a section dedicated to the learning objectives, a second one with exercises and a third one with information on how to solve them. It is possible to integrate all the media types: texts, images, videos (from Youtube or embed as flash), Java-applets, flash applications, data for download etc.


The learning contents can be used in sudile lms or, in case you use your own learning platform, could be imported as Scorm or XHTML. Especially Moodle is very suitable for the XHTML import (done in a few minutes). Even if your institution does not use a learning platform, you can still use the learning contents as electronic learning documents ( e. g. on a web server, on a CD or on a USB stick) in order to make them accessible to your participants. Considering that school materials cost ca. 10-20 Euro each, it is clear that the costs for a bought course will be soon amortised.

Update service

We are offering an annual update service for 15% of the price of the bought material.

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